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Nakshatra Satra Maha Yagam & Veda Parayana Yagnam

After a lapse of over 100 years, a rare 38-day Nakshatra Satra Yagam is being organized in Mysore for the welfare of the humanity. It will be conducted from November 18 to 24 and will include a 30-day-long Nakshathreshti Havana and Veda Parayana Yagnam. The venue of the Yaga will be Sri Krishna Temple, 6th Main, Gokulam 3rd Stage, Mysore.


According to the organizers, the present way of life has resulted in great difficulty in practising the prescribed Swadharma by all. The Vedic scriptures emphasize the need to perform various types of Yagnas for obtaining timely rains and human welfare. Agnihothris are entrusted to perform Yagnas to propitiate the Gods, who in turn bless us with timely and seasonal requirement for the humanity. The scriptures are emphatic that the celestial Gods are to be pleased by the performance of Yagnas and Yagas. Nearly 400 Yagnas have been prescribed for the individual aspiration as well as for the welfare of all His creations at large.  Thus the Yagnas bring forth peace and prosperity mutually.


During the 38 days of the Yagna, chanting of Rik, Yajur and Sama Vedas will be done by traditional Vedic Pundits or scholars coming from different parts of India. Also very highly qualified Vedic pundits in these three Vedas would be chanting Shadanga Parayanam for five days from December 2 to 6. Both the Nakshtra Yagam and the Veda Parayanam would bring forth peace and tranquility in these days of unrest and disturbance in all walks of life.


The uniqueness of the Nakshatra Satra Yagam is to invoke the divine blessings of the Nakshatra Devata of each of the 27 days for good health, prosperity and peace, apart from timely Upanayanam (sacred thread ceremony), Vedic studies, marriage etc. for all those born under the concerned Nakshatra or stars. During these 27 days, Upasana and Homa for each Nakshatra will be conducted and those born under that particular Nakshatra can participate in the worship. This is the main objective and Sankalpam of the Yagna. The Yagam will be performed by Nitya Agnihotri (daily fire worshipper) Ved. Venkatarama Dikshitar of Chennai.


The Pundits who will preside over the celebrations during this period will consist of Vedic scholars V.Raghunatha Sastrigal, Janardhana Sastrigal of Trichy, Krishnamurthy Ghanapatigal, Karthikeya Sharma, Shankara Deekshithar (Chennai) and Mathoor Chenna Keshava Avadhani. The Rig Veda recitation from November 28 to December 1 will be conducted by Brahma Shri Vallabhan Namboodri, Vasudevan Namboodri, Damodaran Namboodari, Durgadathan Bhattathri (all of Kerala), Yajurvedam Parayanam from November 28 to December 7 by P.K.Vaidyalinga Sastry (Mysore), Viswanatha Ghanapatigal, V. Jambunatha Ghanapatigal (both of Kovai), Kannan Ghanapatigal (Chennai), and Sama Vedam (Jaimini Shaka) recitation from December 7 to 14 by J.Sowmya Narayana, G.Varadarajan, J.Gopalakrishnan (Chennai) and N.J.Gopalakrishnan (Trichy).


The Shadanga Parayanam will be conducted by Brahma Shri Ravi Varma (Chennai) and Sreenivasan Deekshithar (Rigveda), Yajurveda by V.Jambunathan Ghanapati (Kovai), Sreenivasan Ghanapati (Delhi), Kannan Ghanapati (Chennai) and Samaveda recitation by Murali Krishnan, Ramakrishnan (Chennai) and Girija Prasad Shadangi (Orissa).


The organizers of the Yagam are The Triveni Mysore Aastika Sabha. Contributions for Veda Parayana: any amount to one’s capacity. Nakshatra Ishti: Rs.200 per individual star. Sankalpam will be done on the concerned day for that particular Nakshatram only. Cheques may be drawn in favour of ‘Triveni Mysore Aastika Sabha’, payable at Mysore. Details may be had from Mr. R.Subramanian, Programme Co-ordinator, 663, 28th Cross, 10th Main, J.P.Nagar, ‘D’ Block, Mysore-570 008. Phone: 0821-371245
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