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Goddess Chamundeswari is worshipped with many offerings, Archanas and Homas. Here is a list of those ceremonies conducted in the holy temple of Goddess Chamundeswari on the Chamundi Hills:

1. Kunkuma Ashtothara   
   (Divine Mother's worship with red vermillon reciting Ashtothara)


2. Kunkuma Trishati
    (Divine Mother's worship with red vermillion reciting Trishati)

3. Hosa Seere Dharisuvike
    (Decorating Goddess with new saree)

4. Kadhali Seve
    (Offering of Kadhali)
5. Mudipu Vagaire
    (Offering of Mudipu {vow taken for a favour})
6. Arishina Seve
    (Worshipping with yellow vermillon)
7. Kunkuma Shahasranama
    (Worshipping with red vermillon reciting 1000 names of Goddess)
8. Yekadasha Vaara Abhisheka
    (Worshipping on the occasion of Yekadasha Vaara)
9. Yekavara Abhisheka
    (Performing abulations with holy water)
10. Sapthashati Parayana
    (Reciting Sapthashati in honour of Goddess)
11. Hoovina Seere Dharisuvike
    (Decorating Goddess with flowers)
12. Kaitholothsava
    (Uthasava of Goddess)
13. Nivedana
    (Offering of Naivedya)
14. Simhavana Uthsava
     (Procession in Lion Chariot)
15. Rudrakshi Mahothsava
    (Decorating with Rudrakshi beeds)
16.Honalu Belakina Seve
    (Offering of sacred lights)
17.Dodda Simha Vahana
    (Procession in Big size Lion Chariot)
18 Belli Ratha Uthsava
    (Procession in Silver Chariot)

19. Shata Chandi Homa
(Performing Homa reciting 100 names of Goddess)

20. Nava Chandi Homa
    (Homa of 9 Chandis - 9 forms of the Goddess)
21. Mahapooje
    (Grand Pooja)

After the performance of the Pooja/Homa, Prasadam in the form of Kunkum and flowers, with a photo of Goddess Chamundeswari will be sent to the Devotee by Indian postal service (speed post). The religious ceremony will be performed in regular traditional manner in the Chamundeswari Temple in his or any other person's name the devotee desires.

Payment procedure will be intimated while replying to the devotee's request
via e-Mail

Note: Rates mentioned above are subject to revision.
For details please contact Gouri Satya